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Exclusive Services

Powerhouse is a multi-media company. Our consultancy services offer a wide range of neurodiverse friendly services. 


If you have an idea, want to launch your brand, put on a play, accelerate your artist profile, and need some advice, we provide initial consultations. From there, we will scaffold your project and provide you with a step-by-step plan to boost your business! 

We provide additional Resource Packs with all consultations which include Neurodiversity Resource Pack, Publicity Resource Pack (social media strategy on request), Powerhouse Pedagogy: how to flatten your hierarchy. 

You can:

- Buy our Resource Packs (sold separetly)

- Book a Consultation 

- Ask for a Review 

We will:

- Plan your launch 

- Edit your podcast 

- Make your spreadsheets

- Make your pitch deck 

- Plan your management 

- Make your business Plan 

- Launch your brand

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