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Powerhouse interview with London Performance Studios


Powerhouse presents I LOVE SEX / YOU LOVE SEX which uses two characters inspired by Clytemnestra and Lysistrata from Greek writing as a framework to turn the conversation around both the politicisation and politick of having a female body on its head. 

Being queer, femme, neurodiverse and a survivor of sexual trauma makes us acutely aware of the political power of our bodies. The mirroring of the characters emphasises the timelessness of this intersectional politicised experience for women and explores how we can heal, moving past the single effort for survival towards building honest and radical friendships that encourage us to thrive. 

In a panic, Rema-Mae and Irys appear together in a windowless bedroom. As they realise they cannot escape, they are forced to learn how to intentionally love and care for one another, supporting one another through a beautiful story of care, queer love, friendship, and support. The project is focused on how mutual aid and compassionate friendships can promote a radical honesty that provides relief from the hardships of societal reality.

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Powerhouse was awarded a seeding space at London Performance Studios from 14th- 19th August. This was a unique experience to explore creatively and expand our team.  An open performance was held on 18th to Industry professionals. 

I LOVE SEX / YOU LOVE SEX has now been programmed for spring 2024. 

LPS interview footage shot by Andy McCredie, edited by Maya Yoncali. 




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Justina Kehinde


Justina Kehinde is a writer, director and award winning poet. Her directorial debut Til Death Do Us Part (Theatre 503) won Best New Production at the 2022 London Pub Theatre Awards and in 2023 she assisted Rebecca Frecknall in her 5 star production of Romeo and Juliet (Almeida Theatre). A member of the Young Vic Director’s programme, in 2017 she was one of eight selected onto Damsel Productions directorial development scheme where, under the mentorship of Paulette Randal (MBE) she co-wrote and directed her first original play, UMUADA, which debuted at the Bunker Theatre before headlining the King’s Head Theatre’s PlayMill Festival to 5 and 4 star reviews.

Ken headshot.jpg

Ken Nakajima

Movement Director

Ken Nakajima is a movement artist, director, and theatre designer working in the fields of theatre & fashion, as well as any creative field he immerses himself in. His Practice (Synthesis) blends dance, theatre, and visual arts into a powerful language that conveys the poignant essence of human existence. Inspired by both Western and Eastern mythology, he crafts archetypal narratives that explore existential themes. As a Movement Director in theatre, he made his debut working with Colour Factory, which led him to work with the Royal Court Theatre, CPT, London Performance Studios.

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Claudia Vyvyan


Claudia is a writer for stage, screen and page recently focussed on radical fiction and revolutionary imaginaries (substack: KING CLAUD). Author of Awaken The Feminine Divine, Claudia was shortlisted for Hope Mill Theatre’s 'Through the Mill’ national playwriting competition with their play 'We’re Few and Far Between’ which debuted at the White Bear (2022). Previous credits include Don't Interrupt Me (HATS, 2021) Tell A Friend (Powerhouse, 2021) Permanent Marker (Drayton Arms Theatre, Hens & the Chicken Theatre, Bread & Roses Theatre), Infinitely You (Powerhouse).


Flora MacAngus

Producer/ Actor

Flora is a creative working across film and theatre in London and the Channel Islands. Stage credits include Permanent Marker (Drayton Arms Theatre, Hens & the Chicken Theatre, Bread & Roses Theatre), Antecedent (Edric Theatre), Mary Stuart in Mary Stuart (The Round Church); Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion (touring UCATT).
Film Credits include: Infinitely You (Powerhouse), Lost and Found (Le Suc Ltd), Bag of Sand ( Lovely Day Productions).


Amanda Shodeko


Born and bred in London, Amanda made her stage debut at 16 when she was selected to be part of The Shakespeare Globe's ‘Globe Young Players’ performing in the inaugural season for The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse as "Maria" in 'The Malcontent'. During this time she was also a member of the RADA Youth Company. She graduated from Mountview’s BA Acting course in 2018 and has since worked frequently in audio productions and commercials.


glimpse behind the scenes of our research & development week

PM + Reviews.png

Permanent Marker

CW: sexual assault, rape, disassociation, trauma

Permanent Marker is an original one-person play. It is an exploration of a woman’s fragmented response to rape and the imperfection of memory. As the piece develops the sense of a solid story/timeline disintegrates using the experience of disassociation. Her memory jumps back and forth as her sense of self disconnects, and she becomes overwhelmed by the potential beauty of her trauma.


May 2021 at the Corpus Playroom 

Directed by Maria Telnikoff

July 2022 at the Drayton Arms Theatre

Directed by Claudia Vyvyan

May 2023 at Hens and Chickens Theatre

Co-Directed by Eleanor Crouch

May 2023 at Bread and Roses Theatre

Co-Directed by Eleanor Crouch

Permanent Marker Reviews

Permanent Marker was reviewed by Time and Leisure Magazine (5 stars), The Reviews Hub (4 stars) and Breaking the Fourth Wall (4 stars) 

‘Beautifully written and exquisitely performed’

-The ReviewsHub 

‘Claudia Vyvyan’s script is imbued with a quiet dignity of purpose, and a depth and breadth of poetic lyricism that, at times, leaves one breathless.’ 

-The ReviewsHub 

‘The central character, performed with immense charisma by a talented and committed Flora MacAngus’  

- Time and Leisure Magazine 

‘An allegory of self-repair after a violent and cruel rupturing, it is deeply moving’ 

-The ReviewsHub 

‘Vyvyan’s concern here is not just surviving, it is thriving. Quite a writer, quite a performer, and quite a gem of a show. Highly recommended.’

-The ReviewsHub 


Watch here! copy past the link into web browser:


NYT Monologue Night

April 21, 2022

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